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Eight Channel ULN2803 Based 12V Relay Board

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Eight Channel ULN2803 Based 12V Relay Board
Description Relay board module is used for controlling higher current loads from your microcontroller development board, PC parallel port or Arduino Uno. This board has eight (8) on-board relay which can switch up to 7Amps. Relays terminals (C, NC, NO) are accessible through screw terminals which makes wiring up the board very easy. The relay is safely driven by ULN2803 IC hence your input device, such as Arduino, is protected from relay circuit and IC will further protect your microcontroller from relay kick back. Features: – ULN2803 IC used to drive Relays (better than Transistor Drive Circuits) – Equipped with high-current relay 7A@250VAC / 10A@24VDC – It can control both AC and DC appliances such as Solenoids, Motors, lights, fans, etc – High quality screw terminals (Terminal Block) provided (C, NC , NO) for quick and easy connection – Input Signal Pin connected to Burg stick for easy accessibility – LED Status indicators to indicate the relay ON/OFF status. – Mounting holes provided
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