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ir sensor(infrared sensor) for controlers

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ir sensor(infrared sensor) for controlers
1.Range : 10-15 cm|2.Input supply voltage: 5V DC|3.Three pin burg male header for easy interface. |4.Comes with an easy to use digital output pin|5.2.5mm diameter hole for easy mounting.|6.5V operated, easy to interface with wide range of microcontroller. Like ARDUINO,AVR,ARM,8051,PIC,MSP430 etc. Digital output. Output Voltage for Logic one(+3.5v) and Logic Zero(0) 0.0v IR Multipurpose Sensor. Black and white line sensor for line follower also used in object detection and object identification robot|Widely used for line follower and obstacle sensing robot for black and white line and object. Sensing range is adjustable with inbuilt variable resistor can be adjustable up to 1cm to 15cm.Sensor used most popular Low Power Dual Operational Amplifiers LM358
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